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With Marianne Pestana .Indigenous Worldview  


Practices to Awaken Generosity, Creativity, and Kindness 

NOV 2 2023

Byte Size Blessings

A Profound Dialogue on Indigenous Wisdom and Revolutionary Social Work

Indigenous Ways of Knowing  Radio

"Education Deans for Justice and Equity's Community Listserv" group. Radio

Education Today  Radio

The Better World Leaders Podcast





California Institute of Integral Studies

Jeremy Lent Conversation

Coach’s Rising Interview on Trance-Based and IW

Spirit of Humanity Forum Interview


  90 Second Video with Kogi Mamos (Spanish Subtitles)

Adventures thru the Mind

Earth Wisdom Dialog Day June 24 th 2022

Four Arrows (April 29, 2020). Sustainability Education, Responsible Truthfulness and Hypnotic Phenomena.  In Journal of Sustainability Education.

Online Presetations...14 pages

 2022 Presentation on Sustainability,Truthfulness and Hypnosis Phenomenon for 15th annual Evolutionary Studies Series at SUNY

 This interview with Four Arrows  offers a comprehensive and engaging understanding of Indigenous Wolrdview


Fearless Engagement of Four Arrows trailer for


Interview of Four Arrows by David Levine about CAT-FAWN Connection story: 20 minutes.

Indigenous Worldview Podcast. An Interview with Four Arrows: 50 minutes.


The Evolved Nest and CAT-FAWN:  A Discussion with Four Arrows and Darcia Narvaez  (Oct. 2020)

 Evidence-Based Coaching Webinar: "Coaching from an Indigenous Worldview Perspective" with Four Arrows


 Fearlessness Conversation with Dr. Michael Fisher

The Indigenous Worldview with Four Arrows, aka Don Trent Jacobs, Ph.D., Ed.D. Aug, 2020. Nicky Rew Podcast.


 Book Club Reading by Thom Hartmann of Point of Departure

. Intellectual Shaman Conversation with Four Arrows- Indigenous Wisdom and Management- Hosted by Sandra Waddock. This session is sponsored by the International Humanistic Management Association.

Indigenous Spirituality Presentation at University of Notre Dame

 Spirit of Humanity Forum (Iceland, 2017)

. Derrick Jensen's "Resistance Radio" Interview with Four Arrows


. Meetings with Remarkable Educators Podcast: Four Arrows

. SPAGO T.V. Interview in Mexico

 Decolonizing Our Minds: Why and How. A Gaia University Presentation of Four Arrows

. Why Indigenizing Curriculum and Pedagogy is Vital for Our Survival: An Interactive Engagement with Four Arrows

At University of British Columbia's College of Education

Spirit of Humanity Forum 2017


The video is up on the web now for UBC presentation on "Why it is Important To Indigenize Education":



University of Norte Dame, 2016,Sustainable Wisdom Conference

Spirit of Humanities Forum   2017 in Reykjavik,Iceland

Cooperative argumentation about social/ecological justice in higher education at St. Louis University between Professor Walter Block and Four Arrows




Keynote at Holistic Learning Conference (2011), Southern Oregon University PARTS ONE THROUGH FIVE


Original Poem Recitation on Stage at Conference:


Radio Interview with Derrick Jensen #1:

Radio Interview with Derrick Jensen #2:


Radio Interview with Derrick Jense #3 (August 2016):

Not yet Published

The Horse Hypnotist” Featuring Don training a wild horse and hypnotizing Richard Hart on Evening Magazine (CBS TV)

The Shaman"s Message , Transformation with the Tarahumara , A True Store

Part 1 

Part 2

Part 3

Brief Interview at Fielding Graduate University


Short presentation about Making an Initi and Doing an Inipi Ceremony: With Spanish Subtitles


Brief presentation about Julian Jaynes text, The Origins of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind


Four Arrows at World Championship Old Time Piano Contests (twenty performances from 2013 to 2016).

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