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Hypnotic Communication in Emergency Medical Settings: For Life-Saving and Therapeutic Outcomes

Four Arrows ( Don Trent Jacobs)

Bram Duffee


This fascinating book demonstrates how hypnotic communication has the potential to improve patient outcomes in emergency care, integrating insights on the connection between mind and body for paramedics and other first responders.

Providing a step-by-step guide to using these skills around a range of contexts, from managing pain to cardiovascular emergencies to burns to respiratory distress,

“As a seasoned academic emergency physician with decades of ambulance and wilderness prehospital experience, I have seen the critical role that hypnosis can play in these settings. In their groundbreaking book, the authors draw on their extensive background in both EMS and psychology to provide a comprehensive guide to using hypnotic communication techniques in prehospital care. Incorporating the latest research in hypnosis, they provide practical, real-world strategies, practical tips and expert advice. This book is in a central resource for EMS responders.” -


-  Kenneth V. Iserson, M.D., MBA, FACEP, FAAEM, FIFEM, Professor Emeritus. Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Arizona College of Medicin


Restoring the Kinship Worldview:

Indigenous Voices Introduce 28 Precepts for Rebalancing Life on Planet Earth


Wahinkpe Topa (Four Arrows)

 Darcia Narvaez

“This book is the perfect place to start the foundations of good relations...”Tyson Yunkaporta, Deacon U., and author of Sand Talk

“A richly creative approach to teaching Indigenous wisdom...”—David Abram, author of The Spell of the Sensuous

“An invaluable bundle of tenets and templates for the urgent project of decolonizng and rewilding our minds...”— Bill Plotkin, Ph.D., author of Soulcraft

Sitting Bull's Words

For a World in Crisis

“This book packs a lot of wisdom into a small package.”—Sandra Waddock, Chair, Boston College School of Management, author of Intellectual Shamans.

“The real gift of this book is what it asks of us.” Margaret Wheatley, author of Who Do You Choose to Be et al.

“An extraordinary way to access Indigenous help with our survival and healing” Cristina Gallego, Director of Birds of Passage, and Embrace of the Serpent


The Red Road : Linking Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives to Indigenous Worldvie

"Five hundred years of colonization has divided humanity, separated us from our relatives,
and reduced them to objects to be exploited for commerce and greed. We are now steeped
in multiple life threatening crises, and staring at extinction. The road of violence, extermination
and extinction has been paved by colonizing the land, diverse cultures, our minds and the future. The Red Road: Linking Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives to Indigenous Worldview by Four Arrows provides a path to the future, a path of peace, with signposts from Indigenous world views that recognize that we are interconnected and are all members of one Earth family . Our highest duty, our Dharma, is living in harmony with all our relations."

Vandana Shiva
Scholar, physicist, environmental activists and recipient of the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize,
the Right Livelihood Award, Director of NAVDANYA and author of over 20 books, including
Oneness vs. the 1% and Who Really Feeds the World


Indigenous Sustainable Wisdom

First Nation Know-how for Global Flourishing's contributors describe ways of being in the world that reflect a worldview that guided humanity for 99% of human history: They describe the practical traditional wisdom that stems from Nature-based relational cultures that were or are guided by this worldview. Such cultures did not cause the kinds of anti-Nature and de-humanizing or inequitable policies and practices that now pervade our world. 

Teaching Truly


"This enlightening book reminds us that the grim prognosis for life on this planet is the consequence of a few centuries of forgetting what traditional societies knew.. pay careful attention to their educational practices as brought to us in these thoughtful chapters."

—Noam Chomsky, Professor Emeritus at MI

“Educators should be paying attention to what Four Arrows offers in this book.”—Bill McKibben, distinguished scholar and founder of

Unlearning the Language of Conquest

Scholars Expose Anti-Indianism in America

"Outstanding scholarship. . . . Giant first steps towards the goal of providing a truthful and constructive understanding of indigenous worldviews."

—Daniel R. Wildcat, Professor of Sociology and American Indian Studies, Haskell Indian Nations University


“Once in a while, a book comes along that holds your attention so well that you cannot put it down. This is such a book.”—Steve Newcomb, Co-founder of the Indigenous Law Institute

The SAGE Handbook of Critical Pedagogies


Edited by:

         Shirley R. Steinberg - University of Calgary

         Barry Down - Murdoch University

Section 5: Indigenous Ways of Knowing   (Four Arrows and R. Michael Fisher, Section Editors

Point of Departure

Returning to Our More Authentic Worldview for Education and Survival

"A powerful and wise prescription for healing ourselves and the planet.”—Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief

“Provides the impetus for the urgency of a return to a true pathway for our future survival.”—Greg Cajete, Director of Native American Studies, U of New Mexico

The Authentic Dissertation

"What could be timelier in a new century that is lurching from one dramatic event to the next, than a text that encourages candidates to imagine an alternative approach to global problems? ... A timely text that has appeared at a stage in world history when ‘business as usual’ would appear to be a very dangerous pathway.”

—Dr. Christine Black, Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management,

Teaching Virtues

"I read this book with much interest. Teaching Virtues is a stimulating and thoughtful contribution.”—Noam Chomsky, MIT

This splendid book will help us bring to education one of

the most neglected and abused resources of our

continent...Everyone who reads this book with an open heart and mind will emerge wiser and stronger for the experience.—Parker J. Palmer, author of
The Courage to Teach

Differing World Views

“How refreshing...a libertarian and a progressive not trying to one-up each other but simply trying to understand one another respectfully...”—Dr. Ron Paul, Congressman

“Aside from the exciting and

often humorous dialogue

between these academic

"enemies," there is something

that happens between them

that our world needs.” – Mihir


The Last Song of the Whales

“A most engaging presentation of this critical issue facing our world.”—Francine Cousteau, President of The Cousteau Society


“A profound insight about the urgency for a partnership with the whales.”— Algalita Marine Research Foundation 

Critical Neurophilosophy & Indigenous Wisdom

Four Arrows, Gerg Cajete, and Jongmin Lee

Featured in “The Missing Link” in “Bulletin: The Journal of the Institute of Noetic Sciences”

This book begins a long overdue dialogue between Western neuropsychology and Indigenous wisdom.

The latter holds that technology, including that which supports the neurosciences, is an important aspect of humanity, but that without a deeper understanding of the sacred, natural world, its consequences will continue to disrupt the balance of life on Earth.

Primal Awareness


“Don Jacobs has uncovered the roots of indigenous psychology that all people share and that, once found, can lead to harmonious living.” –Eagle Man, author of Mother Earth Spirituality


Primal Awareness is compelling reading with a profound impact.—Dan  

Millman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior

The Bum's Rush

“At this critical moment in history, when so many
people are struggling to live responsibly in relation to the Earth, this book will help honest individuals and organizations understand and counter the bullying tactics of dishonest special interest groups and speakers.” – David Philips, founder of Earth Island Institute

“Don Jacobs is the antidote for a dose of Limbaugh.”—Sam Keen, author of Fire in the Belly

“Thank you for this book—Cecil Andrus, Governor of Idaho and Secretary of the Interior (under Carter Presidency)

Hypnotic Communication in Emergency Medical Settings for Life-Saving and Therapeutic


This book has been rewritten and rereleased  soon under a new title see it in our Books section


Patient Communication For First Responders and EMS Personnel:The First Hour of Trauma


“This book should be studied carefully by all of us...the knowledge we absorb here may save many lives.”— David Cheek, M.D., author of The Psychobiology of Mind/Body Healing.

“This book presents an opportunity to develop patient care at a level previously unknown”— Thomas Elmendorf, M.D., former President of California Medical Association

“Valuable Information.” – Norman Cousins, UCLA, author of Anatomy of an Illness



BY R.Michaeil Fisher

n times of extreme cascading global crises facing humanity, all responsible humans need to re-evaluate the dominant worldview that has brought us to this point of facing extinction. As a species we need to relearn the "good" ways from our greatest allies in Nature and from Indigenous cultures that lived in relative harmony with Nature. Equally, we need to learn the best ways to think critically and act on the holistic understanding that may guide us beyond our individual and collective trance and illusions cast forth like chains upon modern societies through elites who manipulate fear.

Fearless Engagement of Four Arrows offers a unique strong "medicine" for the reconstruction of a healthy, sane, and sustainable future for all. Utilizing the form of an intellectual biography of Four Arrows (aka Dr. Don Trent Jacobs) and his daring activist life and true teaching stories, the author creates a powerful adventure into the firey philosophy, activism, and emancipatory inspirations of one of the world’s great visionary prophetic educators and social transformers. Through a number of unique experiences, including firefighting, white-water kayaking, wild horse training, world-class athletic competitions, and counter-cultural activism, Four Arrows has become a connoisseur of fear and courage. This book shows how he walks a universal ethical path of Fearlessness at a time when too many remain trapped by their fears.

Physical Fitness and the Fire Service


The first edition of this book, that started the fitness program for firefighters.

Physical Fitness and the Fire Service, led to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) “Standard 1583, Standard for Health-Related Fitness Programs for Fire Department Members” (1982).


Getting Your Executive Fit


The 1981 publication (World/MacMillan) was the first text to describe the economic benefits of corporate sponsored employee fitness programs for businesses. This is the book version of my doctorate from CPU in Health Psychology.

The Shrimp Habit: Why It Is Devastating Our World and What You Can Do About It

Four Arrows with Brian Ellison

This book condenses into a quick read all you need or want to know about why the shrimp industry is destroying our oceans—Ocean Revolution

Happy Exercise

First children’s book to expose false advertising on TV and motivate young children toward wellness: “A warm and exciting story that can delight, educate and motivate young children. We had very positive results with first and second graders.”-- San Francisco University school District.

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 12.37.23 PM.png

American Assassination: 

The Strange Death of Senator Paul Wellstone


 Four Arrows ( Don Trent Jacobs) and Jim Fetzer /

“Meticulous research...rigorous analysis...This book represents a tremendous collaboration in courage.— David Gabbard, Author of Knowledge and Power in the Global Economy

“Gripping and compelling... new evidence, scientific rigor and a disturbing conclusion...”—., author of Lincoln on Leadership

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