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The new film release , Touche reveals the importance of learning hypnosis and overcoming fears to achieve an “improbable” drea, the this new movie just opened in theatres throughout Europe and Brazil. It is about Nathalie Moelhausen, the Olympic fencer representing Brazil who at 35 won the 2019 world champion.
I served as an early teacher/coach. She was 265th in the world when she came to me with the
vision of becoming the world champion. The daughter of a good friend, I volunteered to take her on. On the movie poster you will see me in my deer skins and with feather doing a ceremony next to Paco, the MaCaw I always had with me.
Since I helped her overcome her fears in part with stand-up paddling through risky white-water ocean passages, she wrote a thank you to me on a surf board:
I try to work with all my mentees in ways that help them learn to overcome apprehensions and the oppressive hegemony that faces us all. I thought this a good time to share with many who engage mutual teaching and learning from one another with me.

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